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Weight Loss Oil By Dr Bilquis Shaikh

Dr bilquis weight lose tips oils in urdu Slimming can become a very difficult task because many diets that claim is unsuccessful magical results when you leave, as if by magic, you regain the lost weight again. However, there are alternative therapies such as aromatherapy, to help you lose weight without starving. Now another drug will detail what are the best essential oils for slimming and also how you can use them to make them more effective.

Peppermint essential oil
The peppermint essential oil is an excellent digestive that can help you lose weight by mental work, because the essential oil to smell your brain trigger the feeling of satiety. You only need to add a few drops of peppermint essential oil to a handkerchief and inhale its aroma, or mix two drops with a glass of water that should drink before meals.

Grapefruit essential oil
The essence of grapefruit will help you avoid fluid retention and edema formation even dissolving fats. Grapefruit essential oil is a strong inhibitor of appetite. To use it you just have to place a drop in a large glass of water and drink it before meals.

Essential oil of bergamot
This essence is ideal sedative to calm anxiety, resulting compulsion and unbridled desire to eat. If you use it with lavender, you will see that the result is much more effective. To use the essential oil of bergamot alone will suffice to put a few drops on a cloth and inhale the aroma.

Sandalwood essential oil
Sandalwood essential oil has relaxing properties and helps control anxiety by eating, which will serve to control the weight and even lose a few kilograms. I only use it through the dissemination and inhalation of the vapors.

Lemon essential oil
The essential oil of lemon will help to boost your metabolism which will allow your body to burn calories and fat more quickly. You just have to place a few drops on a tissue and inhale its steam before meals to start losing weight.
You see, there are several options you have to lose weight with essential oils . Keep in mind that this is a harmless way to lose weight and that aromatherapy is known for being safe and not damaging to health.




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