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Hair Fall Remedies For Children By Dr Bilquis Shaikh

Natural Treatment for Hair Loss in Children. Mostly fall and renewal of hair is a very natural process for all children, but there are many cases that the hair is constantly falling and do not know why.

Each child loses about 80 hairs every day and do not worry, because it’s something natural. Then I leave a list of the most common causes of childhood alopecia.

1. Alopecia areata. Such bald lasts about three months, soon hair begins to grow and cover the entire head. Alopecia areata does not need any treatment, but it is advisable to consult a specialist. Until now the causes of alopecia areata are unknown.

2. seborrheic dermatitis. This is primarily a disease of the scalp, causing hair loss. When suffering from this disease sebaceous glands produce more oil than it should, which form a fat layer on the scalp and this keeps the hair follicle to develop properly. If you suffer from seborrheic dermatitis, I recommend you immediately consult a dermatologist.

3. ringworms. Mainly ringworm fungi are abiding to the scalp and are transmitted by stray animals (cats and dogs). To eliminate such hogos antifungal creams should be used, which must be prescribed by a doctor.

4. Tricotilmanía (mania to pull their hair). Many of the children are pulled hairs, especially hairs bangs and neck. If your baby does this, you need to see a psychologist and ask for help.

5. Certain chronic diseases. These diseases are mainly caused by lack of protein or iron deficiency anemia, which are diseases that also cause hair loss .

Natural medicine

1. To stop requested by the hair and promote growth, should be applied to the scalp pulp of aloe or aloe vera . This must be done daily and leave it for an hour in the day and if you apply at night to let it work the next day. Finally you wash with plenty of cold water. The pulp of aloe vera has many properties which are essential for improving the health of hair.

2. Nettle and olive oil . These two ingredients are perfect allies to stop hair loss in children and in the adults. What you should do is to place the nettle in a pot and boil a cup of water. After it has boiled well, strain it and proceed to just stay with the water. Then you mix water with four tablespoons of olive oil and leave it for a while. This mixture apply it on your hair at night and let it act until the next day.

3. This natural remedy is easy to use. For that, you have to blend 100 grams of fresh watercress and only stick with the liquid. The liquid you apply it with gentle massage on the scalp and rinsing is not necessary.

4. An onion, a clove garlic and lemon juice. The onion and garlic into small pieces so spades, then you miss the blender and proceed to liquefy, then add lemon and again what Licuas. All this mixture apply it on the scalp at night and let it act until the next day. Finally you wash with warm water.



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